Keeping Your Country House Safe While on Vacation

Keeping your country house safe when on vacation

If you live in a country house but take regular vacations or just don’t live in the location all year around, it’s important that you take care of the security of the property to help keep criminals away. With such a beautiful property, it’s likely you could be targeted by intruders if they do know there is nobody physically there. While you should enjoy your home and shouldn’t constantly have your guard up, here are some tips to keep your country house safe while you are not there so you can rest a little easier.

Have the property alarmed

An alarm on your property will not only alert the proper authorities if somebody does try to break in, it will also deter burglars from even trying to get into your home in the first place. In addition to a high-quality alarm system, cameras outside your home will also enormously help you if something does happen.

Ask somebody to check on your country house

If you happen to have some friends who live nearby, ask them to check on your property while you are away. This is definitely going to increase the safety of your country house. There are even websites nowadays where you can pay people to housesit for you, although this might not be quite so appealing depending on your situation.

Do not broadcast your life on social media

It’s quite a scary statistic but many people are targeted by people they know or even friends of friends. This is why you should be very careful in regards to what you post on social media platforms. Do not broadcast the fact that you are going on vacation and your amazing house is being left unattended because this is just asking for trouble.